Intraperitoneal organs and Retroperitoneal organs

Confessions of a Medical Student

For the Intraperitoneal organs remember SALTD SPRSS (Pronounced Salted Spursss):

S = Stomach

A = Appendix

L = Liver

T = Transverse colon

D = duodenum (only the 1st part, though)

S = Small intestines

P = Pancreas (only the tail though)

R = Rectum (only the upper 3rd)

S = Sigmoid colon

S = Spleen

For retroperitoneal, just remember SADPUCKER:

S = suprarenal glands

A = Aorta and IVC

D = Duodenum (all but the 1st part)

P = Pancreas (all but the tail)

U = Ureter and bladder

C = Colon (ascending and descending)

K = Kidneys

E = Esophagus

R = Rectum (Lower two-thirds)

For secondarily retroperitoneal remember ‘Pussy Cat Dolls“:

P = Pancreas

C = Colon (only ascending and descending)

D = Duodenum (only parts 2-4)

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Productivity Check

I tried to art my way through studying the back and lower extremities. I got the art part down; the anatomy, not so much.

More notes! Earlier this month, I blogged about my feels over the intersection of Anatomy and Art. This is just more of the same. With more ink.

When we get to internal organs next year, I’ll try my hand at inking even the outlines and muscles.

And in other news:

  • I went on a 1200 calories per day diet last week, with the help of the planned meal deliveries from Gourmet Kusina. I’ll try to blog about the merits and demerits of having meals planned out for you… some day.
  • My sister’s out watching a premier showing of Doctor Strange right now. I, on the other hand, am preparing for my customary post-whole-day-dissection-shower-back-pain nap.
  • You know, it’s strange to realize that my life literally has nothing going for it, except for some random chats with still irrelevant people, and friendships, and family, and love. These relationships might all die like my cactus.
  • (I’m seriously annoyed because when I was drafting this life update in my head, I had more things to say).
  • Duterte’s still making a mess of things.




Time flies. It’s only been a week, but I know if I’m not too careful, I’ll wake up to find that it’s already been five years.

I’ll make this update quick. In theory I should study for our first ever exam next Friday, and I also have a writing job lined up for tonight (freelance earning FTW!).


Still proving to be the literal best group!

Before the start of classes, we had a last-minute and hope-fuelled outing around Ortigas. Only half of us came, but it was still cool. We got to watch Suicide Squad (entertaining movie, by the way), eat good Japanese food at SumoSam, and hang out in Moonshine.

I collected a lot of good memories that night. I’m glad I was the only one really sober, haha!

There were a few other hangouts here and there: a before-everything-goes-to-hell /Mythical 7/ night and a spontaneous its-raining-hell night, both at M’s place. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HARBORING US!)

But the highlight of this life: BEST G12OUP in our white uniforms! 

(Are we not gorgeous? Brilliant? Literally shining bright?)


I’m screaming, the photos by X look so good!!!

(I also have a bunch of stickers made and in progress because Telegram is God’s gift to the millenial messenging community.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 22.18.34

Actual Acads

I’m really, really having a hard time with the 8AM to 5PM sched. I can wake up early just fine (thanks to having a roommate plus the fact that it’s only the first week of school), but sometime around 10AM and around 3PM I get super sleepy.

I’ve resolved to bring apple slices to wake up. The internet says it works, so I’m pretty much gonna do it.

But in terms of what we’re studying, we’ve got our first module entitled Principles and Perspectives. It’s basically laying down the foundations for a biopsychosocial approach to healthcare, i.e. culture, society, psychology and many other factors aside from the biomedical matter when it comes to health.

It has been fun. It’s also always a struggle of deciding where to sit.


The day I sat in the back was the day I slept for two hours total. Life is so hard.

And anyway, I’ve been enjoying the whole process of fixing my school supplies, organizing my study materials, and so on –basically everything except the study part.


I sent this to E(/G? lol) ages ago when I was still fixing up my side of the condo. But the moodboard/whiteboard is cuter now!! And the desk will definitely be more messed up in the future. Continue reading “ASMPH MD/MBA: Week 1”

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draft: lessons in magic. and

Lessons in Magic, last night.

"Here is what you must always remember," she said,  "all forms of magic require the entirety
of the universe. You have to fill yourself up, from the dirt of your feet to the edges of your 
sight, with the lightness of the sky. Consume everything, weightless, until your 
fingertips reach over the expanse of the heavens. Expand, until the world is a stone under 
the roots of your power, known and unknown and unknowable. 

Breathe. Become. 
Then create." 

Life Update studying stuff in my go-to shop. and i don’t know where my brain gets inspiration these days. All I know is my dreams talk a lot of strange crap.

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A study break featuring 1D

Involves me reading up on this promising review on One Direction’s latest album, and just. It’s 3AM and I’m so proud of them.


We’ve come to expect a few years of bombast from groups like this, then a soft slope down toward a break-up, followed by D-list name recognition punctuated with the occasional guest spot on Dancing with the Stars or an US Weekly wedding headline. But four albums into global success no one could have predicted, One Direction aren’t getting the hint to wrap it up… Four is a focused, genuinely fun pop-rock album, and a sign of truly promising growth that isn’t likely to taper off soon. “And we go and we go and we don’t stop,” they sing in the sprawling breakdown of the ambitious, punk-tinged closer “Clouds.” It’s not a threat, it’s an invitation to take them seriously. What’s your excuse?

And also:

Tomlinson’s reedy tenor is in especially fine form on “No Control,” punching out the chorus like the vocal equivalent of a pelvic thrust.

via With ‘Four,’ Are the Boys of One Direction Growing Up? | NOISEY.

Please. I really need to get a copy of this album soon.

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Response: U.P. is so iba na

Read the article first for context!

There’s a difference between criticizing a system and actively disparaging a new culture. The point of the article is clear and convincing: the educational system in the Philippines is rotten to the point of disenfranchising the masses, who are supposed to be the ones given greater access to the opportunities they have the right to. Even the smartest student in the country could struggle to get in simply because they were misclassified into Bracket B (or 33% discount). The Filipino poor are now an endangered species in a university that has the mandate to protect them. The argument that the privileged classes are to blame is also true to an extent; by participating in the corrupt system, we are complicit in this injustice.

What is unfair about this article, however, is (aside from making PUP out as a lesser institution) the isolated and extremely biased way of portraying this truth. By satirizing the behavior and cultivated language of “the rich”, it vilifies their identities. It makes fun of the fact that these students sing and are inspired by Les Miz, that they don premium backpacks, and that they use developments in colloquial language; the overall tone of the article attacks their personhood. It also cannot excuse itself for the sake of humor or ‘good writing’. The article already heavily implies that UP is for the poor, and not for the rich. The rich is an unnatural predator in the system; they should just go away and run back to their private universities.

But here’s the thing: the University of the Philippines was never founded on a principle of exclusion. Its mandate was to serve the country and all of its sectors as a leading educational and research institution, premised on democratic values of meritocracy, fairness and academic freedom.

Let me repeat that: the University of the Philippines was never founded on a principle of exclusion.

This means that this university is incredibly wrong for enforcing a system that actively excludes thousands of students from realising their potential simply because they don’t have enough money to pay for tuition and exorbitant miscellaneous fees. But it also means that –and this is the point of my whole response– it cannot correct itself by (a) blaming it on richer students [with majority of them, we can presume, entering on their own academic merits] and by (b) making a system that is also skewed to actively exclude the more privileged sector.

The University of the Philippines also has a responsibility to the privileged, as long as they prove themselves to be Filipinos striving for “honor and excellence” (an RSA is a bonus).

And while at this point in time the University of the Philippines should be first and foremost criticized for its failure to meet this responsibility to the masses, the criticism should be both constructive and directed to the system, not to collateral. For a similar reason, advocates for body positivity in plus size women don’t (or shouldn’t) shame and criticize thin and anorexic/bulimic-looking women; they criticize the systematic enforcement of body shame in media and culture. They recognize that the media has harmed the collective, not just parts of it; and more than that thin women didn’t create the problem, though they may have reaped its benefits. Advocates against the patriarchy similarly don’t (or shouldn’t) shame and antagonize men, because access to equal opportunities doesn’t mean saying you’re more deserving than others.

More deserving in the financial sense, yes. But every Filipino has the right to apply for and attend a public university.


Or maybe I felt too offended, since I am (by some people’s definition) very conyo.

I’ve been reading through the other comments and there were some voices of support — along the lines of “they’re just joking, don’t take it so seriously!” or “they’re writing through the lens of a graduate! it was really a different time”. These ceased to be valid the moment the blog post took an online public character (emphasis on online, as in, in this day and age). People share this post and are influenced by the article. It reinforces the dichotomy between the rich and the poor and reaffirms biases of the poor against the rich, when in fact all of us students are in this together against the unfair system.

When it comes to the possibility of mobilizing action, humor and intent might just be less important than clarity and effect.

Sankage Steno

Like I was in the University of the Philippines kanina in Diliman, and I noticed that my Alma Mater is so iba na. It has changed talaga, like a total makeover! Gosh.

And I’m not talking about the bagong structures ha or the monorail that was made paandar here and there by DOST or the sunflowers that are starting to make tubo from the lupa like a stubble. No. I was referring to the tao there, the isko and iska, the UPam, the iskolar ng bayan, so to speak.

I was so gulat a while ago when I went there to get some stuffs (Yes, I like it with the letter ‘s’ sa end. It’s so sosyal to the ears.) from my former professors. It went well naman, and I was so saya to see them again. But  I was flabbergasted to the extreme level of levels when I make…

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In No Regrets, women writers talk about what it was like to read literature’s “midcentury misogynists.”

This isn’t just about the books. When young women read the hypermasculine literary canon—what Emily Gould calls the “midcentury misogynists,” staffed with the likes of Roth, Mailer, and Miller—their discomfort is punctuated by the knowledge that their male peers are reading these books, identifying with them, and acting out their perspectives and narratives. These writers are celebrated by the society that we live in, even the one who stabbed his wife.

via In No Regrets, women writers talk about what it was like to read literature’s “midcentury misogynists.”.

This. This is relevant. And looking back, as we were made to read Catcher in the Rye and all of these other texts –how come no one ever asked: Where is the Woman? Is this Real? Should this be The Truth? 


Word vomit: Investments

Life Update Post

My investments in life are dangerously loosing value because I haven’t put much maintenance on them. What. Actually, hi, see tinatamad akong magsulat so, like, I’ll just word vomit.

I didn’t get even college scholar first sem this year — I think I got a GWA of maybe 1.8? 1.9? And that’s ridiculously sad, because how the hell am I suppose to get to a med school abroad or to UP med if I don’t graduate with latin honors? Hi mother I hope you’re not reading this. Therefore I’ve had the resolution to actually invest my time in going to class. As in, not being late + actually listening. I’ve always learnt best absorbing by listening for several hours over a period of days. Otherwise I just memorize things and forget them two hours later. So. Will go to class physically, emotionally and intellectually. Because science is damn interesting.

(I suck at lab. I REALLY NEED TO BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THOSE WOBBLY THINGS.) Since my brain is so scattered I would like to thank my ophthalmologist, Dr. Veloso from the Asian Eye Institute, for being a source of inspiration. He studied Bio undergrad and then went on to Harvard Medical School and ended his stint with shiny certificates. That and each check-up costs us around a thousand pesos. So, sweet deal man. Congratulations on life.

Also he’s handsome in that DILF way. I hope you never read this. Well, not that it matters. My next check-up is centuries away.

I think I’ve forgotten how to talk to some of my friends, which is not only sad, but also very telling of how much I value them. JUST KIDDING I VALUE YOU DARLINGS LOTS AND LOTS but a lot like my acads I have failed in keeping you well. Hope to remember. Lol. ? I must see you soon (please sana I’m not the smallest one na; stop growing up guysss). Or for my college friends, I must learn to stay with you guys. For some reason I always flit away to meetings or pseudo-meetings or out-of-the-blue power walking sessions.

There was a time when I invested in my body and had defined abs, and toned arms, and the ability to climb up stairs without looking severely asthmatic. Where have you gone. It’s been two years. Come back. S i g h I don’t play tennis anymore, neither do I jog or swim regularly. I’d blame the lack of a stimulating, healthy environment, i.e. Manila, but that’s not an excuse. There’s actually always a way. Like, this condo even has a swimming pool and a treadmill. AND I have sports attire and running shoes and swimsuits scattered here in the condo. Also I’d like to announce to everyone that if I get morbidly obese the only thing to blame is McDonald’s across the street (and, fine. My poor life choices.)

In the list of things I haven’t been doing correctly: hi, debate. I’ve been going to training for an average of 1.5x a week, which is also ridiculous. There are five days a week. For this one, I’d like to blame my alarm clock, which forever fails to wake me up at 5:20PM to go to training (as well as my teachers for dismissing me at 2PM almost every day now, making me sleepy). And while we’re at it, I’d also like to blame my bed, the world, that cat outside.

I’m being absurd. My life is my responsibility. The fact that I’ve been sluggishly working on my life investments has been my tacit agreement with my future self.

Goodness I will die alone and poor.  Continue reading “Word vomit: Investments”


It’s coming to a close

The first day of classes this 2014 is right around the corner [AND TRUST ME I WANT TO CRY] so I’ve decided to recap my awesome (not really) holidays. 

+ + + first post of the year (fireworkssss)

Family and Friends and Stuff

  • Fast-paced Christmas. Christmas Eve | 8PM Christmas delights at the Paranaque home | 9PM/10PM Travel to Cainta, Rizal for Christmas with the Monteagudo side of the family | 12AM Start of the noche buena and festivities || Christmas Day | 3AM Travel to Nagcarlan, Laguna for Christmas with the S side of the family | 3PM Christmas Day Mass | 6PM Travel to Paranaque to end the Christmas funtimes
  • College Christmas Parties before the break. That’s my debate circle friends [food food and food + exchange gifts], AIESEC friends [very pseudo-Christmas SU Meeting with food] and blockmates [I’m not really sure, but some competitive spirit and exchange gifts involved], late night coffee date with a friend, inadvisable happenings in Taft. In the name of Jesus.
  • And a sad New Year, celebration-wise and just for me. Three days prior was the wedding of my first cousin (Dec 28) and their souvenir happened to be M&Ms. And I ate lots of it. Result? Me with a fever Dec 30 (in SM Aura for S side celebration, then Robinson Galleria with a family friend from the states), useless during media noche preparation Dec 31, and in Manila for a check-up Jan 1. Not the most auspicious start for the year… but arbitrary dates aren’t the foundation of a year’s worth of luck in the first place.

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