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Another year of art, wine and life. A dump of my favorite picks. (Favorites from last year and from some other time.)

Art x Politics

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Textures and Colours

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(things that remind me of med school)

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Acrylic: Kiss of Passion (Remix)

I seem to have a habit of making reproductions.

Leonid Afremov’s gorgeous oil painting Kiss of Passion has somehow found its way into my floor gallery, thanks to the Laleng Art hack.

The floor gallery (because I’ve never heard of hanging canvasses on walls, apparently. Or of frames):


The thing, at 40x50cm:


I think the photos turned out pretty well –mostly because I borrowed my sister‘s Fujifilm camera. Thanks, sis!

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ArtFairPH 2016 (a photodump)

I went to the ArtFairPH last February to satisfy my ravenous appetite for art, good company and pretentious wine.

I went first on a Friday night with C (and there’s a long story there involving traffic, impulsive life decisions, a potted plant, and a job interview), then on Saturday afternoon with my sis. I will say that I’m happy I went there twice; the exhibited pieces apparently change by the day, depending on what’s been bought and what’s been newly added.

This post has long been delayed, mostly because I wanted to properly label everything with their respective title and creator. I gave up. If you know the creators of the following works and could give me a tip, or if you are a representative who would like me to take something down, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

+ I confirmed that in terms of the art I appreciate the most, I like monochromatic pieces (with or without accent colors) and social commentaries.

Honestly I’m just trying to clear up my queue.


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art picks, no. x

Things I’d stare at forever, had I the time.

I was supposed to write about the things I’ve been up to the last two or so weeks –new books and TV series and people– but instead this post came out. I was reading books on art yesterday, in that window of time when I had nothing to do (in between class and debate training), so I suppose that explains it. This post is actually queued; I hope I woke up in time for class.

These are some of the works of art that interest me the most, maybe because of the feelings they evoke or their history. A couple of them make me laugh whenever I think of them, which is always a plus.

I’ll probably hopefully maybe update this someday. Belatedly I noticed that most of the ones featured here are Western art from the early to mid-twentieth century. Well, my preferred style has always been against naturalistic and realistic expressions. I’ll have to visit more local and Asian museums to diversify. (But if I had to concede to anything, I’ll concede to Botticelli, and the Sistine Chapel, and honestly a lot of works I salivated over that time I went to the Louvre/Vaticani.)

Art is art is art, and art alone exists forever.