Intraperitoneal organs and Retroperitoneal organs

Confessions of a Medical Student

For the Intraperitoneal organs remember SALTD SPRSS (Pronounced Salted Spursss):

S = Stomach

A = Appendix

L = Liver

T = Transverse colon

D = duodenum (only the 1st part, though)

S = Small intestines

P = Pancreas (only the tail though)

R = Rectum (only the upper 3rd)

S = Sigmoid colon

S = Spleen

For retroperitoneal, just remember SADPUCKER:

S = suprarenal glands

A = Aorta and IVC

D = Duodenum (all but the 1st part)

P = Pancreas (all but the tail)

U = Ureter and bladder

C = Colon (ascending and descending)

K = Kidneys

E = Esophagus

R = Rectum (Lower two-thirds)

For secondarily retroperitoneal remember ‘Pussy Cat Dolls“:

P = Pancreas

C = Colon (only ascending and descending)

D = Duodenum (only parts 2-4)

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SURPRISE aka if you can’t post a gratuitous photo of yourself (GPOY) on your own personal blog, where can you? + follow me on Snapchat! 

It’s been a lifetime since I last updated this blog. To be fair, med school feels like a lifetime ago as well (happy to note I passed all my modules!). This holiday break is doing wonders for my physical, emotional and mental health.

Since 2017 is fast approaching, I’m thinking of cramming (ha!) the last few posts from 2016. This includes a couple of travel journals (so check out my travels page regularly!), and, if I’m lucky, a recount of either my graduation (I can’t believe I never blogged about that…) or my 21st birthday.

What else have I been up to? Recently, I found myself drowning in a new KPOP band (they’re not actually new; they’re just new to me) called ‘GOT7‘ from JYP Entertainment, and in THE BEST ANIME THIS 2016, “Yuri!!! On Ice“.

I’ve got a fair bit of time in my hands (enough to watch another series, I hope!). For new year we’ll be skipping to Hong Kong, so I guess I need to come up with a things-to-see list.

Oh! I almost forgot. I spent my first week back from school in a debate tournament (I know right? I thought I had retired). Against all expectations but also in line with my hopes, I ranked 9th best judge in the Philippines.

Here’s the debate fam once more:


That concludes this super short ‘I’m still alive’ update post. Happy holidays again!!!

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Productivity Check

I tried to art my way through studying the back and lower extremities. I got the art part down; the anatomy, not so much.

More notes! Earlier this month, I blogged about my feels over the intersection of Anatomy and Art. This is just more of the same. With more ink.

When we get to internal organs next year, I’ll try my hand at inking even the outlines and muscles.

And in other news:

  • I went on a 1200 calories per day diet last week, with the help of the planned meal deliveries from Gourmet Kusina. I’ll try to blog about the merits and demerits of having meals planned out for you… some day.
  • My sister’s out watching a premier showing of Doctor Strange right now. I, on the other hand, am preparing for my customary post-whole-day-dissection-shower-back-pain nap.
  • You know, it’s strange to realize that my life literally has nothing going for it, except for some random chats with still irrelevant people, and friendships, and family, and love. These relationships might all die like my cactus.
  • (I’m seriously annoyed because when I was drafting this life update in my head, I had more things to say).
  • Duterte’s still making a mess of things.



ASMPH MD/MBA: 3 Modules In

Finding the time to write is difficult when life itself outpaces the speed of my thoughts. But this last week’s dermatology submodule gave us all in YL5 some much needed respite, so I think I can try my hands at updating this blog.

Also, we’ll be properly dissecting our cadavers tomorrow, and that means I’ll soon be drowning in MSK and gross anatomy. In fact, I should be studying Moore or Netter right now. I miss the days when I could frequently produce poems and essays and travel posts (–speaking of, I have yet to make any progress in my Australia and Thailand journals).

But here is an update anyway. It’s been in the burner long enough.

Five Things ASMPH Made Me Realize (So Far)

After three modules and some change –Principles and Perspectives, Cell, Hematology and Immunology, and the Integumentary portion of MSK Integ– I feel like I’ve lived and learned a little more (despite my best attempts at ghosting*). And here are the things I learned. In a certain fashion.

#1. Remember your roots.

Firstly, the news of a lifetime. After a shameful X number of years, I finally showed up to a high school reunion/hang out event.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUNA! I still remember vividly how we’d both sleep in class, yet magically I had Math notes that you’d borrow. (c) B
I’m kind of proud that M and I are 100% sober. We are such good kids. Though apparently she’s the best good kid. (c) B

It’s strange to think that these were the people who were with me for days on end, during two of the most formative years of my life. We used to eat, breathe, think and relax together (though we have a bad track record with the relaxation part). And now we’re living different lives, going onto drastically different paths.

I digress.

But what I did realize was how important my loved ones are. When I first entered med school, people would say how essential having a support system is. It really is true. My friends were a breath of fresh air amidst the confusion of adjusting to med school. They were comfortable, and loving, and warm. They knew me before, and they know me now. And I’m so thankful for their existence.

The same goes with family. Every weekend I go home — even if it’s not always 100% perfect in Paranaque– is a weekend I get to spend comfortably and without burdens. They may not understand med school, but they (mostly) understand me. And that can be enough.

Perks of having a sister who works only a few blocks away! Free company for dinner. (Not free dinner lol).

#2. There’s always tomorrow.

At every stage of your life, you think: this is it. Nothing could ever be more fucked up than this. I’ve experienced varying forms of FUBAR throughout high school, only to realize in college how petty those concerns were. And now, in med school, I’m reevaluating every concern I’ve ever had in tertiary education.

Because now, med school –at least, ASMPH– demands us to prepare for an exam every 1.5 weeks. That’s 2 out of 4 weekends consumed by studying, without the simple pleasure of saying sa Monday ko na lang iisipin. You can’t procrastinate. Or if you do, it’s not going to lead to anything good**.

I had to level up studying***. While I can’t say I’m the most diligent student, I’m definitely more diligent than I’ve ever been. I have to constantly seek inspiration and motivation.

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#HistoryCon: the things people do

I took an ill-advised break from studying last Saturday, and had some fun at the first-ever #HistoryCon (tagline: Manila Makes History).

It was also my first time in the World Trade Center (in recent memory)! All the other conventions I’ve attended were in SMX.

I entered the convention with zero expectations. I don’t watch the channel, and I only said yes to the free ticket the day before. Luckily there’s a website.

First Impressions

There were exhibits you’d expect from the History Channel… like aliens and samurai.


For awhile I thought that the students on field trips in the area would end up disappointed, because I wasn’t seeing anything truly historical inside the convention. But I got around and I saw cool deals like this —

Presidential limousines. Actual, honest-to-god limousine cars ridden by previous presidents like Magsaysay and Aguinaldo. Apparently there’s an initiative to create a car museum somewhere, and while I’m not a hardcore car enthusiast, I did love the sleek lines of the black cars.


World War II Veterans Exhibit. I think I shed a tear or two. The exhibit wasn’t spectacular by any means –as in, I feel like the layout of the photos and text could have been improved– but it was lovely still.


This one hit me right in the goddamn feels.

Cars and more cars. Apparently History channel, aside from peddling vintage finds and pawnshops, also deals in detailing cars. With celebrities.

A bunch of bikers with legit leather jackets vroom-ing away!
There were a lot of high quality bikes, cars, boats and even segues in the exhibit (but it was such a hard time trying to get a picture without random people in it). Lovely <3
And Celebrity Wars… celebrities.

And one of the most popular stops in the #HistoryCon was this booth on the popular Heneral Luna movie. In the background, they were playing the trailer for another (must-watch) film called Patintero: Ang Alamat ni Meng Patalo. 

This is a replication of the prop used in the film. In the background, awesome girl stuff is happening.

But that’s not all.

Making History

Honestly, what boggled and interested and entertained me the most during #HistoryCon were all of these attempts at breaking Guinness World Records.

Case #1. World’s Largest Serving of Sautéed Mushrooms.

I didn’t stick around long enough to know what it tasted like. But just. Why?

Case #2. World’s Most Quarterpounders In One Minute.

I’M SCREAMING someone actually broke the world record for most quarter pounders in 1 minute ??? #HistoryCon

A photo posted by Jari Monteagudo (@jarimonty) on Aug 26, 2016 at 9:56pm PDT


Case #3. World’s Longest Marathon Watching (Cable) Television.

Sponsored, inexplicably, by Piknik and Yakult. They had to beat a 96-hour record –so.

They’re all, like, a case for the complex and profound nature of man. That we can build cities and travel the stars… and eat one Zark’s Ultimate in under 15 seconds.

And, I think, something I loved as well:


TBH I just made this blog post to prove that I’m not just a med student. Jk. Love you.

Though I should have been studying that weekend.

Or not.

(Abangan the kwento).




Time flies. It’s only been a week, but I know if I’m not too careful, I’ll wake up to find that it’s already been five years.

I’ll make this update quick. In theory I should study for our first ever exam next Friday, and I also have a writing job lined up for tonight (freelance earning FTW!).


Still proving to be the literal best group!

Before the start of classes, we had a last-minute and hope-fuelled outing around Ortigas. Only half of us came, but it was still cool. We got to watch Suicide Squad (entertaining movie, by the way), eat good Japanese food at SumoSam, and hang out in Moonshine.

I collected a lot of good memories that night. I’m glad I was the only one really sober, haha!

There were a few other hangouts here and there: a before-everything-goes-to-hell /Mythical 7/ night and a spontaneous its-raining-hell night, both at M’s place. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HARBORING US!)

But the highlight of this life: BEST G12OUP in our white uniforms! 

(Are we not gorgeous? Brilliant? Literally shining bright?)


I’m screaming, the photos by X look so good!!!

(I also have a bunch of stickers made and in progress because Telegram is God’s gift to the millenial messenging community.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 22.18.34

Actual Acads

I’m really, really having a hard time with the 8AM to 5PM sched. I can wake up early just fine (thanks to having a roommate plus the fact that it’s only the first week of school), but sometime around 10AM and around 3PM I get super sleepy.

I’ve resolved to bring apple slices to wake up. The internet says it works, so I’m pretty much gonna do it.

But in terms of what we’re studying, we’ve got our first module entitled Principles and Perspectives. It’s basically laying down the foundations for a biopsychosocial approach to healthcare, i.e. culture, society, psychology and many other factors aside from the biomedical matter when it comes to health.

It has been fun. It’s also always a struggle of deciding where to sit.


The day I sat in the back was the day I slept for two hours total. Life is so hard.

And anyway, I’ve been enjoying the whole process of fixing my school supplies, organizing my study materials, and so on –basically everything except the study part.


I sent this to E(/G? lol) ages ago when I was still fixing up my side of the condo. But the moodboard/whiteboard is cuter now!! And the desk will definitely be more messed up in the future. Continue reading “ASMPH MD/MBA: Week 1”


ASMPH MD/MBA: Transsum

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 00.33.54

The long journey’s at its formal start — five years of MD/MBA (what’s that? why is it relevant?), a couple of years residency, and a million or two moments of crying. I’m so excited. I’m also afraid I’ll forget things (half of my college experience now seems like a haze in my memory), so here’s a new blog series post thing.

Road to Medicine

If you asked me when I decided to go into medicine, I don’t think I’d be able to give you a clear answer. My only actual Career Moment as a child was deciding I’d be a lawyer (Harvard Law, of course), thanks to the inspirational queen that is Elle Woods.

But sometime in the last ten years I just woke up knowing that I’ll work to become a doctor. By third year high school, there was no question.

Sometimes I try to justify this choice by thinking of my dad, who died of cancer 1.5 decades ago. I’d think of the times I play-acted at nursing him back to health. I’d think of revolutionizing the world with medical research.

Today, I offered a thanksgiving lunch with my family. Everything that allowed me to achieve anything came from the strength of my mother, family and friends. One of my greatest sources of inspiration might not have been physically there, but he lives in all our hearts. It’s a big thing to go all the way from the small town of Nagcarlan, to eventually graduate AB Economics Honors from AdMU, rise up the corporate ladder, help raise a family. In many ways, he inspires me, albeit in a different way my mother does. I have very few memories of him. But I distinctly remember playing doctor with him as a child. He’d lay down on our couch and pretend like my plastic orange stethoscope was the real deal. And someday, I hope to be a real doctor, making changes in health research and service. And I hope to make him proud. (Especially since, finally, magiging Atenista na rin ako!) Happy Father’s Day, papa! I hope you had fun as well today.

A video posted by Jari Monteagudo (@jarimonty) on Jun 19, 2016 at 6:50am PDT

In any case, I’d keep getting inspired throughout the years, and I’d keep committing. I’ve immersed with communities in Pampanga, Manila, and more recently in Rizal.

And I realize in debate and discussions, again and again, that any right we enjoy in life are premised first on the right to health, and that there’s no sense fighting for feminism or progressive nationalism or equity in general when only a meager percent of the world can choose to enjoy it.

Education, transportation and right to liberty. But health first.

By the time I was inexorably moving towards medicine as a career, I already fixated on the idea of helping people access quality services. The most beautiful thing in the world is the sight of people who could choose to live their lives well. That’s a kind of art I think more people should appreciate.

Making the Right Choice

I’ve never had a dream school, but if I had one, Ateneo would come pretty close.

Ateneo was the school of my dad, brother, sister and a handful of other relatives. The Ateneo Way –whatever that is– was sold to me heavily that summer of 2011 (?), during the Ateneo Junior Summer Seminar.

I wouldn’t trade what I experienced in UP Manila for the world, but I always wondered “What If?”. Ateneo, after all, was my only other choice for college.

Come med school, I guess I won’t have to wonder. In a way. (Though now I’d keep wondering, what if I got into UPCM instead?).

But why Ateneo?

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I’ll be uploading a super loooooong post about the ASMPH Transsum later. Also, I updated the Masterpost!


kinikilabutan ako
sa tono at tinig ng mga tawa mo,
hindi sa takot at hindi sa galit,
ngunit sa tuwa at nagbubungang pag-ibig

wala sa mundong ito
na mayroong mga ngiting
katulad ng sa iyo

kaya ngayon:
gulat, pag-asa at kilig

hindi ba't
kay ganda ng buhay natin

mag-aral ka na lang.