I can’t believe I’m posting my greeting late. Haha! But believe me: I’ll put more effort in being a more punctual person this year.

I spent new year in Hong Kong, watching some spectacular fireworks. How about you? Hope your New Year’s Eve was just as good!

(Unfortunately we can’t say the same for Ms. Mariah Carey.)

Screenshot from my sister’s ig! (x

College Graduation!!!

Well here’s a long overdue post.

Last May? 2016, I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Science in Biology. I’d like to thank my mother, fam, friends, thesis partner, professors and the UP Manila community at large. And, of course, the Filipino people.

I didn’t post about it so much because it wasn’t the end-all be-all of my life. Graduating from college, while an achievement in itself that my mother and I should definitely be proud of, is only a step towards the greater dream of becoming a doctor.

So here’s a 1-minute Snapchat video.

  1. We stayed in Microtel for my college graduation in UP Diliman, and in Shangri-la for the university graduation in PICC.
  2. I don’t actually have a lot of photos of the event; I also haven’t bothered to scan any of the official documentation.
  3. Thank you to my Lola Doppie and to other members of the extended fam for celebrating with us.

It feels like a lifetime ago.




SURPRISE aka if you can’t post a gratuitous photo of yourself (GPOY) on your own personal blog, where can you? + follow me on Snapchat! 

It’s been a lifetime since I last updated this blog. To be fair, med school feels like a lifetime ago as well (happy to note I passed all my modules!). This holiday break is doing wonders for my physical, emotional and mental health.

Since 2017 is fast approaching, I’m thinking of cramming (ha!) the last few posts from 2016. This includes a couple of travel journals (so check out my travels page regularly!), and, if I’m lucky, a recount of either my graduation (I can’t believe I never blogged about that…) or my 21st birthday.

What else have I been up to? Recently, I found myself drowning in a new KPOP band (they’re not actually new; they’re just new to me) called ‘GOT7‘ from JYP Entertainment, and in THE BEST ANIME THIS 2016, “Yuri!!! On Ice“.

I’ve got a fair bit of time in my hands (enough to watch another series, I hope!). For new year we’ll be skipping to Hong Kong, so I guess I need to come up with a things-to-see list.

Oh! I almost forgot. I spent my first week back from school in a debate tournament (I know right? I thought I had retired). Against all expectations but also in line with my hopes, I ranked 9th best judge in the Philippines.

Here’s the debate fam once more:


That concludes this super short ‘I’m still alive’ update post. Happy holidays again!!!


Kracie Food IS CRAZY (and it’s the future!?)

The future is already here. We just don’t know it because the instructions are in Japanese!!!

This screenshot of cuteness and awesomeness comes from this pizza-flavoured video.

I’m talking about the culinary wonder that is Kracie’s Popin’Cookin’ and Happy Kitchen Sets. You might not have heard of them (I certainly haven’t), but it’s amazing.

Since I don’t think I can do the products justice, watch this 6-minute video for some context first. (There’s no narration or background music, which might be awkward for some of you.)

This video demonstrates how you can make a mini yet full Okosama lunch (child’s meal) with ONLY POWDER AND WATER. Yes, powder –a plain, white powder.

If before we were only dreaming of nutritional food made of dreams and inflatable packets, the Japanese brand Kracie has already, apparently, been there and done that.

It looks like french fries and chicken rice. It tastes like french fries and chicken rice. For all intents and purposes, those are french fries and chicken rice.

I cannot.

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Sunday Mass: How to Forgive

I liked the homily last Sunday for its relevance. I liked it so much I transcribed it (with liberal use of paraphrasing and translation).

Let me share the homily to you.

Christian Forgiveness

If a neighbor of yours scammed you out of 100,000 pesos, what would you do to forgive them? You might say, “I’ll pray for him.” Pwede. But do you know what I’ll do? I’ll file a case against him.

“Grabe, father!” You might react. But if you sue him, he will know he was wrong, and that’s when he’ll start to change. If you let him go, he’ll just move to another place and do the same thing.

He has to know he was in the wrong, even if it’s just by asking him to pay back the debt in increments.

When Jesus Christ forgave the woman, He didn’t say, “Go and keep sinning”. He said, “Go and sin no more”.

The aim of forgiveness is to help the person who has hurt you. So this is forgiveness – it is not forgetting, it is not letting go. It is making sure that the person is converted and changed.

Why am I inserting this into a homily about Christ the King? It’s because of what happened last Friday –Marcos was buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

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I am furious: #MarcosBurial


that the soul of one person
has been desecrated to dust
should call to arms a nation's heart
and set fire to a world of sorrow

but here we remain, the whole world burned.
the grass is razed and the trees are fallen.
there is no more fruit,
there will be no more gain.

we sit still, here, in our own warmth,
housed in a multitude of light,
while the embers of this play
build towers of dust around us.

this man's perversion of honor,
prostitution of life,
and profanity?
is not a question.
the dust of the departed calls to you:
scorch it, conquer it,
burn it to the ground!


Here lies a man, bare bones and sin
His children had to steal through the dark night for him
Beloved by many but reviled by even more
May his blood never rest, all ignoble foresworn



Hukayin ang puso at buksan ang damdamin, 
Ulitin ang tanong at subukang isipin:
Ang patay noo'y pinutulan ng diwa at dila, 
sinaksak, ginahasa at walang tigil na pinagdusa.
Walang boses ang bangkay at mga nang-iwang ulila,
maliban sa tinig at sigaw ng kanilang mga tagapagmana. 
Kaming mga anak at kamag-anak, kaibigan at apo
Tayong pinalaking mga tinuringang Pilipino.


Ilang bilyong dolyar at ilang milyong pangarap, 
tatlong libong patay at sandamakmak na hirap.
Mga salitang pabulong, mga talata't sanaysay, 
Hindi mabilang na bayani, mga buhay na inalay.

Kahit isang pursyento lamang 
ng mga bintang ang totoo
Hindi ba't sapat na ang isa
upang kilalanin siyang berdugo?

Burial in Secret

Yesterday, in a turn of events no one in my acquaintance expected, the ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos was hurriedly buried in Libingan ng Mga Bayani (Heroes’ Burial) by his family. He was buried with full honors in the manner of heroes; the Philippine flag was buried with him.

And his family, composed of thick-faced personalities and statesmen, had the audacity to come to the place as if it was a celebration and victory. There were same-edit videos of the event.

Every man has his human dignity, his final right to be buried with even the least amount of respect. But for a man and for a family who were behind at least a decade of blood, where thousands of Filipinos died without dignity and disappeared without a trace, it should have been clear. Not everyone has the right to die a hero.

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we may not have won tonight

Animals cannot be evil because they do not know what it means to be evil. But we do.

And as humanity we have long ago decided to know evil: to understand it intimately, to measure its extent, to judge its worth. To deny. In this manner we have become creatures capable of ethical choice.

This 2016, we have collectively allowed decisions founded on ideas we’ve already judged inhumane. Here comes the renaissance of discrimination and prejudice, the rejection of collective good, and the perversion of a democracy. Vox Populi, Vox Dei. 


Who stands on the right side of history? Who wears the face of evil’s intent?

Humans can be wrong, but we have ensured that power rests equally on us all. But the victors write history; the empowered define what evil is.

The sixty million who voted for Trump can be judged as legitimate by history, or by simple arithmetic. And the Supreme Court Justices may have been wrong, but it was us who empowered their mistake.

We say tonight and last night that humanity lost. But the victors will say that humanity has won.

It’s up to all of us to define what humanity is. Hold on to the definition you know to be right. And at the earliest possible moment, give these children a dictionary.

Right now: it is by our own rules that we must to accept this new world order of hate and lawlessness.

But there’s still tomorrow.

#NeverAgain #MarcosNotAHero #NeverForget #MayBukasPa

And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.

Alcuin (735-804 CE)

tl;dr the world isn’t fair, and it isn’t fun, just or healthy. but it’s the world we have and the world we created. so we either suck it up or we change it.

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Productivity Check

I tried to art my way through studying the back and lower extremities. I got the art part down; the anatomy, not so much.

More notes! Earlier this month, I blogged about my feels over the intersection of Anatomy and Art. This is just more of the same. With more ink.

When we get to internal organs next year, I’ll try my hand at inking even the outlines and muscles.

And in other news:

  • I went on a 1200 calories per day diet last week, with the help of the planned meal deliveries from Gourmet Kusina. I’ll try to blog about the merits and demerits of having meals planned out for you… some day.
  • My sister’s out watching a premier showing of Doctor Strange right now. I, on the other hand, am preparing for my customary post-whole-day-dissection-shower-back-pain nap.
  • You know, it’s strange to realize that my life literally has nothing going for it, except for some random chats with still irrelevant people, and friendships, and family, and love. These relationships might all die like my cactus.
  • (I’m seriously annoyed because when I was drafting this life update in my head, I had more things to say).
  • Duterte’s still making a mess of things.



ASMPH MD/MBA: 3 Modules In

Finding the time to write is difficult when life itself outpaces the speed of my thoughts. But this last week’s dermatology submodule gave us all in YL5 some much needed respite, so I think I can try my hands at updating this blog.

Also, we’ll be properly dissecting our cadavers tomorrow, and that means I’ll soon be drowning in MSK and gross anatomy. In fact, I should be studying Moore or Netter right now. I miss the days when I could frequently produce poems and essays and travel posts (–speaking of, I have yet to make any progress in my Australia and Thailand journals).

But here is an update anyway. It’s been in the burner long enough.

Five Things ASMPH Made Me Realize (So Far)

After three modules and some change –Principles and Perspectives, Cell, Hematology and Immunology, and the Integumentary portion of MSK Integ– I feel like I’ve lived and learned a little more (despite my best attempts at ghosting*). And here are the things I learned. In a certain fashion.

#1. Remember your roots.

Firstly, the news of a lifetime. After a shameful X number of years, I finally showed up to a high school reunion/hang out event.

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUNA! I still remember vividly how we’d both sleep in class, yet magically I had Math notes that you’d borrow. (c) B
I’m kind of proud that M and I are 100% sober. We are such good kids. Though apparently she’s the best good kid. (c) B

It’s strange to think that these were the people who were with me for days on end, during two of the most formative years of my life. We used to eat, breathe, think and relax together (though we have a bad track record with the relaxation part). And now we’re living different lives, going onto drastically different paths.

I digress.

But what I did realize was how important my loved ones are. When I first entered med school, people would say how essential having a support system is. It really is true. My friends were a breath of fresh air amidst the confusion of adjusting to med school. They were comfortable, and loving, and warm. They knew me before, and they know me now. And I’m so thankful for their existence.

The same goes with family. Every weekend I go home — even if it’s not always 100% perfect in Paranaque– is a weekend I get to spend comfortably and without burdens. They may not understand med school, but they (mostly) understand me. And that can be enough.

Perks of having a sister who works only a few blocks away! Free company for dinner. (Not free dinner lol).

#2. There’s always tomorrow.

At every stage of your life, you think: this is it. Nothing could ever be more fucked up than this. I’ve experienced varying forms of FUBAR throughout high school, only to realize in college how petty those concerns were. And now, in med school, I’m reevaluating every concern I’ve ever had in tertiary education.

Because now, med school –at least, ASMPH– demands us to prepare for an exam every 1.5 weeks. That’s 2 out of 4 weekends consumed by studying, without the simple pleasure of saying sa Monday ko na lang iisipin. You can’t procrastinate. Or if you do, it’s not going to lead to anything good**.

I had to level up studying***. While I can’t say I’m the most diligent student, I’m definitely more diligent than I’ve ever been. I have to constantly seek inspiration and motivation.

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